Thank you very much for our family and friends who came to share and celebrate our happiness yesterday! Thanks for all the well wishes from those who were unable to make it as well.

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Deciding to Propose:

With graduation looming and a new chapter in my life beginning, the timing seemed appropriate. I mulled it over until the following month when we decided to take a trip to the Bahamas in June as a joint graduation/finishing Step 1 celebration. Since the timing of the trip and my idea of the timing of the proposal coincided, I chose to scope out a ring before graduation and present it on our trip. Thus, the ring hunt began.

Not too long after initiating my search, I found the ring I wanted. All I had to do now was plan the actual proposal. Easy, right? Yeah, not so much.

By mid-May, I had graduated and moved my things and myself to DC to finally move in with my dream girl, only I didnʼt actually have a ring yet nor did I have a plan of action for popping the question. I was faced with buying and hiding a ring in a studio apartment and less than a month to decide when and where to make it official on our trip.

Determining How to Propose:

First thingʼs first – I finally pick up the ring and hide it in my closet.

Next, while finalizing our reservations for various activities on the islands, I realized we decided to visit the perfect spot months ago – Harbour Island. Itʼs known as one of the best pink sand beaches in the world. If I was going to do this on the beach, this is the beach to do it on.

BAM! Done and done. Iʼm feeling good, confident, and sexy!

June arrives and so does the time for our trip. I realize the most difficult part of keeping this whole thing a surprise is actually hiding the ring in our luggage. I managed to bury it in my backpack away from most of the essential things, and kept it there until P(roposal)-Day. 

The Day Of Reckoning:

On the way to the island we had a 3-hour ferry ride, towards the end of which I snuck off to the restroom to “change into my bathing suit”, which was a way for me to get the ring out of the box and into a small zipper pocket on my backpack shoulder strap. So we get to the island and manage to find the beach. There were two problems: 

Problem 1: Itʼs cloudy. Of all the days in the year, I picked a cloudy day in the caribbean to propose. Awesome. Much less picturesque than I had imagined.

Problem 2: Finding a way to get her to turn her back so I can plop down on one knee. I want her to turn around to find me in proposal mode for ultimate surprise-y-ness, so I have to time it perfectly.

The Moment of Truth:

But apparently, it was all meant to be. The planets aligned, the angels sang, and the proposal gods smiled upon my quest for greatness by parting the clouds as soon as we set our stuff down on the beach. We dip our feet in the water and take in the view: an empty, world-class pink sand beach, turquoise water, and a window of sunlight Iʼm 95%  sure was the doing of sweet little baby Jesus. Perfection.

I run back to my backpack, shoved the ring in my pocket when she wasnʼt looking, and returned to the edge of the sand. Another miracle: she spontaneously looks away into the distance for NO REASON for an abnormally large amount of time. I thought, “s***, this is it!”, so I got down on my knee, pulled the ring out and held it up before she could turn around.

I started my speech, and could tell she was confused, but then it dawned on her. In the middle of my heartfelt proposal, she breaks character and hugs me. Itʼs physically uncomfortable because Iʼm still on one knee with two hands on a ring Iʼm trying not to drop and, with my luck, lose forever.

Eventually she backs away and lets me finish, says yes, and becomes the future Mrs. Fusco. Finally.

”Our relationship is like the weather, even though there’ll be cloudy days you’ll always be the sun in my life.”

Ceremony and reception will be in New Orleans
Sunday, April 6th, 2014

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Photographer: Elaine Chiang, our lovely friend and bridesmaid. Thank you!


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